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05/28/2010    6:56 AM


Its really a shame that the word "hybrid" has such a miserly connotation. Its as though everything stamped with the word has to be either economical, eco-friendly or worse: both! How are giant luxury cars with twin-turbocharged V8s supposed to fit in a category like that?

As far as we can tell, this car must have been swapped at birth with some prototype of a 7 Series with an M badge. This is funny, because the hybrid badge this car wears automatically leads us to expect a BMW 740i

05/20/2010    6:00 PM

The press has been out in force with their Alpina B7 reviews this week, following a big press event where various members of the press were given these cars to drive and have fun with.

I really enjoyed this one article in particular by the folks over at InsideLine, here are some select quotes but make sure to follow the jump to the full article


After one stab of the loud pedal, you understand why BMW doesnt bother to make an M version of the 7 Series. The 2011 BMW 750Li Alpina B7 is all the M7 youll ever want, a fire-breathing … CONTINUED

11/16/2009    1:41 PM

James May of Top Gear reviews the BMW V12 760Li against the MB S63 AMG, with help from The Stig. Which one gets the nod? Results inside.

10/27/2009    12:30 PM

7Post member alex shares his experience with his brand new BMW 7.

07/30/2009    8:17 AM

BMWBLOG recently conducted a test drive of the BMW 750i and shares with us their thoughts and reaction. Here’s part of the review

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05/28/2009    8:48 AM

Autocar brings us this first drive review of the Alpina B7 4.4 V8. How does it drive? In sum…”Rapid. Really frighteningly rapid.”

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01/27/2009    2:54 PM

Fifth Gear takes the all new F01 7 Series on a video road test

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