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02/05/2014    7:30 AM

Has anyone ever seen an X5 with tattoos and piercings? Neither have we, until now!

08/05/2013    10:00 AM

Here’s a quick shot of the F15 X5 next to the E70 X5, for a good real life comparison.

06/04/2013    10:35 AM

A visual look at the 2014 X5 (F15) M Sport against the outgoing X5 (E70) with M Sport package.

03/17/2013    3:31 PM

Velos Designwerks presents its revised X5 M. In beautiful factory Monte Carlo Blue with Black Solo V Wheels, this X5 M not only features the looks, but also a Stage 2 Performance Software yielding an additional 120 lb ft of torque and 90 HP.

11/06/2012    10:45 AM

BMW announced over the summer that the US would be getting new turbo diesel engines (a 180HP 4-Cylinder and 255HP 6-Cylinder), and now we see that BMW is planning 6 new diesel models for the NA market in 2013 and 2014.

The slide you see below was reportedly taken during a BMWNA meeting and it reveals the upcoming diesel model lineup and schedule:

• F30 3 Series sedan diesel – first half 2013
• F31 3 Series touring – second half 2013
• F10 5 Series diesel – third quarter 2013
• X5d diesel – end of 2013
• 7 Series diesel – first half 2014
• X3d diesel – first half 2014

No info yet on which models may receive what engines, but the 4-cylinder mentioned above may see duty in models … CONTINUED

09/17/2012    6:00 PM

Many BMW fans are also big fans of Apple products, but this is combining the two interests and taking it oh perhaps just a little bit too far.

On September 6th at approximately 5am, a Los Angeles man and his cohorts were caught on camera off-roading their 2003 X5 SUV straight into (and past the glass and metal security gate of) an Apple store in Temecula where they attempted to burglarize the store.

Unfortunately for them, the metal security gate dropped down after the car’s entry and they had quite some fun testing the X5′s power while trying to get back out.

The accused man is being held on $600,000 bail, which is the estimated damage to the Apple Store, authorities said. He is charged with vandalism, burglary and … CONTINUED

08/31/2012    8:00 AM

The annual UK National BMW Festival was recently held at the Heritage Motor Centre in the UK. This year’s event celebrated the 40 years of BMW Motorsport and the 60th anniversary of the BMW Car Club of GB.

Check out the massive set of photos inside.

08/13/2012    11:10 AM

BMW has issue a service bulletin (SIB / TSB) which will allow dealers across the country to reprogram / code all BMW models with the Auto Start-Stop feature so that the system defaults to the “Last User mode” (last used setting) the next time that the car is turned on. Check out auto start stop SIB 12 15 12 inside.