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02/02/2010    7:56 AM

Its not clear if these are very well done photoshops or real photos which have been slightly degraded, regardless, the result is the same. This is the X5 LCI which is coming very soon. Photos leaked from the MOTOR-TALK forums

01/29/2010    2:22 PM

We bring you the full 2011 BMW Model Year ordering guide (in PDF) for all 2011 models. This guide lists ALL start of production dates, available options, colors, packages, and related notes for every single BMW model for 2011.

01/28/2010    5:58 PM

Overall, the 2011 BMW models are not significantly changed. The new models are the BMW 5-series and Alpina B7 along with LCI updates to the 3-series coupe and convertible. See inside for 2011 BMW models pricing and details.

01/28/2010    2:00 PM

Due to be revealed very soon, BMWs ultra popular X5 SAV has been caught testing in South Carolina with only but the bare minumum black tape across the bumper. But the complete bumper re-design is completly visible and seems to be nicely washed as well. We love this LCI which maintains the classic good looks of the X5 and ads a little bit of a fresh spin with the new bumper graphics. Well done BMW!

Attachment 344560

Attachment 344561

Attachment 344562

Attachment 344563

01/28/2010    12:00 PM

Supercharged V8 (ASA supercharger)
6-Speed Automatic transmission
700Nm torque
Top Speed 300km/h
0-100km/h in 4.5s
Hood with design in carbon fiber towards air ventilation
Cosmetic modifications available in CF or more resiliant PU-Rim
23" Wheels (11" F and 12" R)
Shod with massive 315/25 23 Michelin tires

The full press release:

The G-POWER TYPHOON "Black Pearl" arrived! At the end of the jubilee year "25 years G-POWER", G-POWER introduces an exclusive special model of the G-POWER X5 TYPHOON to the market. Driven by the 625 hp / 460 kW strong G-POWER SK III RS Eight Cylinder Compressor Engine, the Black Beauty darts over the motor-way with more than 300 km/h.

Brawny wing extensions and … CONTINUED

01/26/2010    6:00 AM

The BMW X5 has been named by CAP as the luxury used car of the decade. The residual value and whole life costs experts praised the X5 for setting a new benchmark and taking the 4×4 from the field and putting it on the motorway, but most of all making it feel like it has always belonged there. It was the effortless usability, faultless build quality and strong influence on the marketplace that wooed the judges.

Mike Hind, CAP Communications Manager, said: "For the used car buyer who does need a workhorse, with towing power and room for the whole familys holiday load, the 2000

01/25/2010    10:08 AM

Spyshots.nl does it again! The, soon to be a reality, LCI (facelift) of the X5 has taken the track up north for cold weather testing. This is likely the final round of testing as the car is expected to be revealed on the internet after the conclusion of the Geneva show with its official autoshow presentation in the spring of 2010.

As you can see from the photos, the changes them selves are subtle but have just the right effect of keeping the car looking fresh and sporty. The major changes are to the bumper which bring the look more in line with the X6, while retaining a unique look compared to the X6. Silver slats are … CONTINUED

12/03/2009    1:02 PM

The 1-series and X5 have won Best Resale Value awards from Kelley Blue Book and a Residual Value Award from ALG, and the M3 is one of the Top 10 cars with Best Resale Value according to Kelley Blue Book

09/28/2009    10:55 PM

Here are some more photos caught once again by the guys over at spyshots.nl. Its still unclear if this front bumper will be the standard new bumper on the X5 or if this represents an M-Sport edition bumper for the X5. At the rear, there will be similar matching changes to the rear bumper and LED taillights which would likely be the most obvious of all the changes.