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10/08/2013    11:45 AM

With the F15 X5 now launched, BMW turns to developing its SAC (Sports Activity Coupe) sibling – the F16 X6.

The new X6 shares styling cues from both the new X5 and the upcoming X4. It shares the X5′s new headlights-meet-grilles, enlarged kidney grilles and more forward leaning front fascia. Like the X5, the X6 also features air breather vents behind its front wheels.

With the X4 it shares the distinctive rear upsweeping character line which extends from the front of the rear fender upwards to meet the rear tail lights.

The F16 X6 should drop some weight as the F15 X5 has over the previous generation and generally retain a similar size and wheelbase as the current X6. It will share the F15 X5′s engine/model lineup. This … CONTINUED

09/09/2011    3:40 PM

The BMW X6 LCI (facelift) is coming next Spring and we bring you photos which preview the coming changes. Consistent with BMW’s recipe for subtle facelifts, the X6′s mid-life refresh will bring revised and more aggressive front bumpers without fog lights. Following path of the new 6-series, full LED headlights will be available as an option and are shown in these spyshots. You can also see the LED daytime running lights.

The X6 LCI models will also sport new kidney grilles which will take on a more three-dimensional look – owing to the kink in the lower half of the kidney slats. The X6 rear will receive revised rear-light graphics sporting BMW’s latest LED design. We’d also expect some subtle changes in the interior.

Technically, we expect … CONTINUED

07/23/2009    7:18 AM

New XBimmers member and eagle eye Sully_C5er spotted the X6 Hybrid in South Carolina yesterday. The hood scoop is going to be the most obvious characteristic of the hybrid BMWs

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03/31/2008    5:15 PM

Hey guys, finally caught a couple of TT V8s out on the PC track.Sometimes its better to be lucky than good!!!I rigged up a little wind noise baffle today for my camera.I said what the hay,Ill go stand at the place I shoot from at the PC.The wind was still blowing 35-40 MPH,a real world test.I had planned on shooting test vids,having no idea cars would be on the track on a Sunday afternoon.Well,I top the berm that I stand on and there are two X6s tearing up the track.They even pulled out a Deep Sea Blue V8 Ive not seen prior to today. There is still some wind noise,but MUCH MUCH better than previous windy day vids.The clicking is the auto focus on my camera.I can say: Turn UP … CONTINUED

03/31/2008    5:12 PM

What is this car exactly? Looks like an X6 with a hood scoop. You might be fooled into thinking that this is some sort of ///M variant. In fact this is a planned hybrid drive version of the X6 and the hood scoop is used to mount the monitoring equipment needed for testing.

02/03/2008    7:28 PM

Palbay does it again, this time a silver X6 is his gift to the BMW community!