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04/14/2011    7:45 AM

BMW’s head of German Sales, Karsten Engel and Dingolfing Plant Manager Wolfgang Stadler today announced production of the 8th Million BMW produced at the plant and destined for the Piepenbrock Group. The vehicle was accepted in a ceremony by Olaf Piepenbrock to expand his own fleet of over 100 BMWs.

BMW Dingolfing currently produces about 1,400 units per day, which accounts for about two-thirds of the global BMW 5-Series production capacity. The 5-Series has a long tradition tied to the Dingolfing plant, which was the site of production of the first generation 5. As such, the plant is considered one of BMW’s best factories and is also home to the BMW 7-Series production line.

04/13/2011    3:30 PM

ARKYM has released their F10 M-Sport AeroSport Package featuring cosmetic components for the factory F10 M-sport kit, including carbon fiber front lip spoiler, carbon fiber rear diffuser, and carbon fiber trunk spoiler.

04/10/2011    7:00 PM

The F10′s interior design Olive Heilmer and exterior designer Jacek Fröhlich explain their inspirations and philosophies behind their designs for the hot selling F10 5-series. As the video explains in more details, the F10′s interior drew inspiration from fine vintage watches and the exterior goes after a strong and muscular impression, drawing from BMW’s motorsport heritage and Munich’s surrounding mountains.

04/08/2011    3:00 PM

Using a mix of factory and custom parts, along with some ingenuity, 5POST member andreastrones has put this together this beautifully modified F10 530d. Check out his equally impressive photos inside.

04/06/2011    9:37 PM

In the run-up to the international automobile trade show Auto Shanghai 2011, BMW Brilliance Automotive presents the concept of a premium-segment plug-in hybrid sedan. In collaboration with its joint venture partner Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Ltd. BMW Group has thus taken the next step of the way towards creating the new energy vehicle for China. The prototype is based on the long wheelbase version of the BMW 5 Series Sedan, developed exclusively for the Chinese automobile market and produced at the Shenyang site. It is the first vehicle in its segment in China to provide a fully fledged combination of exclusive style and environmental awareness. In this way, it closes the gap in the high-end area while at the same time laying the foundation for the … CONTINUED

04/05/2011    7:30 PM

Count me as one of the people who strongly believes that the F10 5-Series comes out of the box with a beautifully sculpted look. The M-Sport and new M5 of course take that sculpted look to the next level.

Now, i’m not against body kits by any stretch, but in my opinion, this new concept from Prior Design takes things in the wrong direction. Their designs rests on the use of the E90/E92 M3 center grill design grafted onto the F10 5-Series bumper with a row of horizontal LED foglamps along the top part of the brake ducts. The front fenders have been modified with designs lifted straight from the 1M, including an M-like bar that crosses the design crease. Larger wheels and a blacked out roof … CONTINUED

03/29/2011    11:30 AM

Wald International has announced its F10 5-series package, dubbed the F10 Black Bison Edition. As is apparent in the photos, the package gets a cosmetic aero kit which includes a replacement front bumper with aggressive lines and air inlets, and LED DRL, and modified sideskirts. The stock bumper has been replaced by an aggressively styled full replacement rear bumper which surrounds the Porsche-style quad tip exhaust, as well as adding another lower brake light. Bespoke wheels, a unique trunk spoiler and roof spoiler finish off the exterior kit components.

No word yet on any performance or interior upgrades in this package, but past Wald Black Bison edition cars have included such components.

03/23/2011    4:45 PM

Motortrend sets forth their argument for why they believe that BMW’s best 6-cylinder motor currently is the F10 535d’s N57 turbo diesel. As they put it: Part urban assault weapon, part trans-continental cruiser, the 535d is the best of the new 5-series models I

03/11/2011    3:00 PM

Full extended black panel display dash, one of the most anticipated features of the F10/F11 5-series, has finally arrived beginning with March production 5-series (equipped with the 6WA option). This option has been available on the F07 GT model since it’s introduction, but did not make production F10/F11s so far, despite being listed in the marketing brochures.