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03/20/2010    4:18 AM

With word that the BMW M5 will come in an F11 touring flavor as well, Artist and BMW fan Jon Sibal has come up with an amazing photoshop of what the F11 M5 may look like. He has in the past conceptualized an F10 M5 Sedan, take a look below!

Source: http://jonsibal.com/blog/2010/03/bmw-f11-m5-touring/

Attachment 360821

Attachment 360824

Attachment 360823

03/14/2010    9:13 PM

BMW tuner RDSport has always been good about coming up with conceptuals on new tuning packages on BMWs and putting them into play via photoshop. Many times, they get their work out before the car has even hit the streets in an official capacity, as in this case. Although details are still thin on this car, I love the proposed bodywork and the wheels suit the new bodykit well. Heres to hoping we see the real deal soon enough!

03/12/2010    8:18 PM

The F10 Alpina B5 has been undergoing testing near Alpina’s headquarters. The F10 B5 is expected to be based on the F10 550i, with a reworked 4.4L N63 motor (V8 twin turbo). The new B5 features the current signature front bumper lip, sideskirts, wheels, quad exhaust, and raised trunk lid. An impression of the final B5 is below.

01/09/2010    12:00 PM

There is certainly no lack of spy photos when it comes to the F11 (touring) version of the upcoming 5-series. link1, link2, link3, link4, link5, link6. (See what I mean!). Combining the knowledge of what we know the sedan to look like wth these barely covered up test mules, the people at spyshots.nl have come up with fairly accurate renderings of what the car will look like.

Just to recap, the F11 touring is due to be be officially release in the late summer/fall of 2010, just a short few months after the 5-Series sedan has its time under the limelight.

Attachment 339831

12/19/2009    2:23 PM

German and Russian tuning houses are joining efforts to create bodykit and tuning packages for the F10 5-series. Full set of renderings inside. TopCar and Cardi are the russian tuners and Lumma Design is the german tuner. Their renderings show an aggressive front end package including a new front bumper aggressively sculpted with huge air inlets, carbon fiber front lip, LED lighting and honeycomb grill.

One version of the kit also features super wide wheel fenders and aggressive side skirts. The rear features a carbon fiber rear trunk spoiler, together with carbon fiber rear diffuser, quad exhaust pipes. Two types of wheel options will be available.

This custom F10 5-series is expected to debut in April … CONTINUED

11/25/2009    8:26 PM

Now that the F10 5-series sedan has been unveiled, more accurate renderings of the 5-series tourings have been produced.

11/17/2009    10:01 PM

Here is another beautiful F10 5-series render by Jon Sibal, this time of the M-sport or Performance Package F10.

11/11/2009    1:20 PM

This is an alleged leaked image of the upcoming F10 5-series. Real or digital render? Take a look inside and tell us what you think.