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05/27/2010    2:00 PM

We bring you the first ever sighting (other than those who have already been given a preview) of an F10 5-series with M-sport package! As usual, the F10 5-series Msport package includes a more aggressive revised front bumper, sideskirts, rear bumper, and some seriously nice looking M-sport wheels! As previously reported, the 2011 5-series M-sport is expected to make its debut in October at the Paris Auto Show.

03/12/2010    8:18 PM

The F10 Alpina B5 has been undergoing testing near Alpina’s headquarters. The F10 B5 is expected to be based on the F10 550i, with a reworked 4.4L N63 motor (V8 twin turbo). The new B5 features the current signature front bumper lip, sideskirts, wheels, quad exhaust, and raised trunk lid. An impression of the final B5 is below.

03/03/2010    10:00 PM

The long-wheelbase-version of the F10 5-series has just been spotted in Sweden. Approximately 12 inches longer than the standard F10 5-series sedan, the LWB 5-series will approach 7-series length. It will be produced in China only for the Chinese (and possibly also Middle East) market.

The extra length is in the rear doors, which lends itself to a roomier passenger compartment. The LWB F10 5-series is expected to bow at the 2010 Beijing Motor Show.

Attachment 354800

Attachment 354801

Attachment 354802

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Attachment 354805

02/24/2010    3:19 PM

Here are the first photos of an F10 5-series sedan right alongside the F11 5-series touring. As one can see, besides the difference in roofline and the rear design, the F11 touring retains the F10s beautiful lines and design features.

Attachment 352546

Attachment 352547

Attachment 352548

Attachment 352549

Attachment 352550

Attachment 352551

02/19/2010    12:00 PM

The F10 sedan is due to bow its head in just another few weeks at the Geneva autshow and this F11 Wagon will then appear at the Paris autoshow later in the year, with availablity at dealerships in the summer/fall of 2010. Until then, enjoy some more spy video!

Source: http://www.auto-motor-und-sport.de/

01/25/2010    9:00 AM

Admist the recent flurry of F10 5-series reviews its nice to see the car from a different perspective. In this case, the perspective is as simple as a color change. Given that Alpine White is one of the more popular colors for BMWs in the USA, we will be very likely to see this color combination ALOT, and its nice to see the F10 wear this color so well.

01/07/2010    11:54 AM

First 2011 5-series spotted in Milano Beige, a color not usually very eye catching, except that it sits on the F10s beautiful sheet metal.

01/05/2010    2:45 PM

These are the best photos and video of a black F10 2011 5-series yet. These final prototype F10s are being driven by BMW employees as part of the final testing and evaluation process.

01/02/2010    11:00 AM

This titanium F10 5-series was spotted on the highway to Munich. Its one of the final production prototypes given to BMW employees for testing and subjected to every day use and every aspect is logged and submitted to the project team.

road to Munich(Germany 12/4/2009)