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Yesterday    12:10 PM

Updated photos of the first delivered F80 M3 – interior photos as well as comparison pics posing with an E90 M3. Also a great video clip of the F80 M3 exhaust.

Yesterday    9:15 AM

We’re thrilled to announce our very first F80 M3 delivery! The lucky BIMMERPOST member is uae247, who just took home an Alpine White F80 M3 with Sakhir Orange interior, DCT transmission, Carbon Fiber roof, and all loaded options.

Check out the first pics and his impressions inside!

04/22/2014    12:20 PM

Here’s part 3 of BMW’s inside the BMW M3 and M4 interview series. This one interviews BMW M engineer Juergen Poggel, Head of Development M Engines.

So a new engine has been developed for the BMW M3 and BMW M4?

Jürgen Poggel: Yes. The previous engine was a naturally aspirated V8. For the new BMW M3 and BMW M4, we in the M engine development department in Munich’ Preussenstrasse have designed an M TwinPower Turbo inline six-cylinder design and readied it for series production.

What is special about this new engine?

In terms of functionality it is characterised by its turbo-typical constant high torque, which is available across a very wide band, from 1850 to 5500 rpm.

Its performance curve is outstanding: its maximum power is available over … CONTINUED

04/21/2014    11:35 AM

We are pleased to formally announce that twenty BIMMERPOST Members have been officially confirmed for BMW European Delivery on June 23, 2014. This represents the first major organized group to accept US Welt Deliveries for the most anticipated BMW vehicle in recent history, the new 2015 F80/F82.

04/19/2014    7:20 AM

Cringe-inducing look at a drift contest gone wrong for this E90 M3.

This driver did redeem himself with some decent drifting before and after the accident however.

04/18/2014    11:00 AM

The 2014 NYIAS press days are over and the public days have now kicked off. There were several exciting debuts (global and North American) at this year’s New York show, which we covered earlier this week in the following threads.

And here are some video looks at the BMW and MINI displays at the show, along with the BMW press conference.

04/17/2014    3:00 PM

A look at how M cars have gotten ever wider, complete with dimensional comparisons and fancy graphs.

04/17/2014    8:30 AM

We’ve just had a chance at the 2014 NYIAS to sit down and discuss the all-new M3/M4 with the M3/M4 project manager, Michael Wimbeck (pictured) and M3/M4 product manager for BMW NA, Victor LeLeu.

Thanks to these two gentlemen, here are some hopefully enlightening answers.

Are there official EPA MPG figures for U.S. M3 and M4 yet?
No, not yet.

Will M3/M4 be subject to gas guzzler tax?
We’ll wait for the official EPA numbers to provide an answer. We do expect a substantial increase in fuel efficiency – on the order of 20-25% [compared to E9x M3]. Hopefully sometime in May we should have those numbers.

What does the US curb weight for the M3/M4 include?
The way the US curb weight is measured includes full … CONTINUED