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05/07/2010    4:00 PM

Autoexpress test drives the M3 ZCP Competition Package model and comes away calling it the ultimate M3 experience. The reviewer also considers the M3 ZCP against the Audi RS5. See inside for his verdict.

05/04/2010    6:09 PM

Heres the link Insideline longterm test on M3 click<<<


The M3 E46 coupe proved to be a stunningly good car, yet the M3 E90 four-door sedan offers a stiffer chassis, more power, plus the utility of four doors. If the point of the M3 is to deliver extraordinary performance in a package that is compatible with everyday life, then the E90 is the best M3 ever, because it is both very, very fast and very, very refined.


01/08/2010    1:00 AM

C&D recently conducted its 2009 Lightning Lap Test where the BMW M3 once again proved itself as one of the best performing cars available today, besting out most of the other mainstream performance cars participating in the test. Here is a list of the results:

1. Corvette ZR1, (2:51.8)

2. KTM X – Bow, (2:52.3)

3. Lamborghine LP670, (2:53.9)

4. Ariel Atom 3 (2:57.6)

5. Corvette Grand Sport (2:58.8)

6. Audi R8, 5.2 (2:59.5)

7. Lotus Exiqe S 260 (3:05.0)

8. BMW M3 (3:05.4)

9. Porsche Cayman S (3:05.8)

10. Porsche Carrera S (3:05.8)

11. Jaguar XKR (3:06.4)

12. Ford Shelby GT500 (3:07.4)

13. Audi TTS (3:08.4)… CONTINUED

12/29/2009    5:29 PM

Car and Driver’s 2008 BMW M3 has won them over so much during its 40k of service that they contemplate whether it’s indeed today’s perfect sports car. Details inside.

12/21/2009    5:00 PM

M3post members have compiled this excellent M3 exhaust compilation video featuring 9 exhausts under light and heavy acceleration and fly-by.

12/02/2009    3:02 AM

R&T has declared the M3 winner of their “Sultans of Slide” drift contest, against the Corvette, 370z, IS-F, Genesis coupe and Miata.

11/26/2009    10:38 AM

For the 19th straight year, the BMW 3-series / M3 model has again made Car and Driver’s 10Best List (2010 edition). Full details inside.

11/20/2009    9:34 AM

For those of you interested in the RD Sport M3 or looking for a review of the RS46 by a car magazine, well here it is…

RD Sport RS46 BMW M3 – Feature

Wiener Schnitzel Alfredo

By Les Bidrawn

Photography by Les Bidrawn

Though hugely functional, German automotive design can sometimes lean toward the antiseptic. Fortunately, Germanys close proximity to Italy has offered access to the best stylemeisters in the world. Names like Giugiaro, Bertone and Micholotti have lent their skilled hands to their northern neighbors with impressive results.

For the last 20 years the Milan-based team of RD Sport has devoted its talents toward the machines from Munich. Twenty years … CONTINUED

07/31/2009    12:10 AM

Car enthusiast shares the first review of the “M3 Edition Model” M3, a 6 month limited run of the BMW M3, announced 2 months ago.

Read the rest of this article, view the photos and make comments here ==> http://www.m3post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=287538