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12/28/2011    9:05 AM

This must have felt like Christmas for the folks at Autobild. Autobild knows what it takes to have a great story and has done a special edition on BMW M models, called “Fascination M.” In this special comparo, Autobild gives an overview of all current BMW M models as well as interesting insights into M GmbH. Most interestingly, Autobild pitted all (yes, all) currently available M models against each other on a German race track named Sachsenring.

The outcome? As you’d expect, the M3 CRT (it’s sold out but more info here) is the fastest M car Autobild has ever tested on Sachsenring as it clocked a 1:38.87 minute laptime (the M3 GTS isn’t available no more). An amazing second place goes to the brand-new F10 M5 … CONTINUED

04/13/2011    8:30 AM

It has been quite a while since we’ve seen a review of the X6 M, which was released to much acclaim from the automotive press. Motor Trend now chimes in with their first test drive review, and they echo what many have said before them, calling the experience “maniacal” and its engineers “nutty.” Here are some of our favorite quotes from the FULL REVIEW:

11/23/2010    9:00 AM

The typical X6M review features comparisons to the regular X6 or Cayenne Turbo, but this review by a site member compares the X6M against an E46 M3 at the M Power Tour. Two very different segment of cars sure, but an interesting perspective nevertheless.

05/09/2010    3:27 PM

Other publications have criticized the X6 as being a poor off-roader, but let’s be honest – the X6 and X6M will mostly be used by their owners for highway duties. And for that, Winding Road calls it a high-speed highway missle. Read on.

12/16/2009    3:00 PM

Austrailian magazine CarAdvice reviews the X6M and at the same time previews their full road test. Great pictures of the car in action accompany the short article which is itself a good read:


11/01/2009    8:03 PM

I did a double take when I read that title. But the guys over at 0-60 mag somehow got their hands on both of these cars and did a head to head. For now, all they are putting out is a teaser of the comparo, so we dont know the results. But the SVT Raptor is nothing to laugh at so it will be interesting to see how the X6M stacks up.

Make sure to pick up the latest issue of 0-60 magazine for the full article!

Source: http://www.0-60mag.com/online/?p=20092

10/07/2009    12:11 PM

InsideLine tests the X6 M and provides their feedback. Check out all the performance #’s they achieve, including a 4.3 second 0-60mph !

07/08/2009    7:01 AM

This time MotorAuthority has released their drive of the X6 M. They seem to share similar comments to what the other members of the automotive press are saying today.

Read the rest of this article, view the photos and make comments here ==> http://www.xbimmers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=279964