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01/28/2014    1:15 PM

The F85 X5 M has been spotted in testing since late 2012, and now it’s time for the F86 X6 M to hit the test circuit.

It’s not difficult to identify this next generation X6 M as it bears the tell-tale M model signs – huge front air intakes, more aggressive sideskirts and rear diffuser, blue M brakes, and cross drilled rotors (the first for any X6 model). The newest M styling trends are also evident — the double-slatted kidney grilles and the angled exhaust tips.

The front end styling of the next generation X6 (F16) and X6 M (F86) will share a similar front end design to the X5 (F15) and X5 M (F85), while the rear end will be similar to the BMW X4 … CONTINUED

08/22/2011    3:50 PM

Just spotted performing testing on the Nurburgring is the upcoming special X6 M model, which will come in with an even higher power output than the standard X6 M’s 555hp.

The power increase is expected to be subtle and will remain under the 600hp mark. There will also be changes to the car’s weight and significant changes to the overall feel of the driving experience.

As before, it features a large hood air scoop and air extractor outlets flanking the scoop. No details yet on what exact powerplant or modifications have been applied to the X6 M’s motor, but whatever powerplant variant may be under the hood certaintly seems like it needs to move a lot of O2. The other cosmetic enhancement spotted is the addition of more … CONTINUED

06/15/2011    12:45 PM

As if the X6M did not already have enough power, an even higher powered BMW X6 M model has just been spied testing in Germany!

This is the ‘special X6M’ which SCOTT26 referred to yesterday. So far, it features a massive hood air scoop and what appears to be taped up air extractor outlets (cosmetic only?) flanking the scoop. The sideskirts are also a more aggressive design than the regular X6M.

The current X6M already boasts 555hp. Could we possibly see 600hp or more in this even higher powered X6M? Taking guesses on the final power numbers, so chime in.

01/05/2009    1:58 PM

The upcoming BMW X6 M is going to be available in 2009 with an enhanced twin turbo V8. Here is an officially sanctioned video about the car from the inside

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12/21/2008    2:30 AM

Here are the latest photos of both the upcoming X6 M and X6 Hybrid while undergoind extensive testing

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08/21/2008    8:50 PM

Here are some pics and vids of the X6 M testing here in SC.I apologize up front for some of these pics…I was moving around trying some different vantage points….some better than others.Ive got to upgrade to a camcorder…this camera vid sucks.This X6 looks a little futher along in development than the X6 M test mules just seen in the Desert this summer.If you look closely at the first pic of the X6 going in the gate….you can see they have put those quad exhaust in a nice looking production ready rear fascia/bumper.The big news was the exhaust note of the X6 M.It DID NOT sound like the 50i TTV8 that Ive heard many times at the PC Track.This engine today had a very high pitch exhaust note.OK…..Ill go ahead … CONTINUED

07/16/2008    8:41 PM

For all intents and purposes this car is the ///M version of the X6 whether BMW call it that or not. BMW has long stated it would not produce an ///M version of its popular SAVs, but those were during the days of the X5, we dont know if BMW will be hard and fast with this rule when it comes to the X6.

Regardless, this car does exist, it does sport quad exhausts (///M trademark), some kind of fender grills or emblem (another ///M signature) and a very agressive body kit. But as always, BMW is never predictable, so time will tell what this car will be and more importantly what will be under the hood. (Rumors as they stand are for the M5 V10