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03/06/2012    11:40 AM

The M Performance Parts party continues. Just minutes after our Live Gallery of the F20 125i equipped with M Performance Parts, BMW has published the full M Performance parts catalog to coincide with its official release/announcement at the 2012 Geneva Motorshow.

M Performance Parts carry the M name because they have been developed together with M engineers for both performance and aesthetics enhancement. This collaboration with M engineers began just last year. This is what sets M Performance Parts apart from what used to be called simply “BMW Performance Parts” (which will be no more going forward).

As of now, M Performance Parts are or will be available for these models:

F10 5-series
F20 1-series
F30 3-serie… CONTINUED

12/02/2010    4:00 PM

Vorsteiner has released a video of its beautiful X6M Carbon Fiber Aero Accessories package. If you thought it looked good in photos, it’s even better in video.

11/10/2010    1:10 PM

On the heels of its X5M, Mansory, the tuner of high end German and Italian marques, has now unveiled its second 670 PS BMW – the Mansory BMW X6M. Like the Mansory X5M, the Mansory X6M comes with a full replacement front bumper featuring aggressive air inlets even larger than those on the factory X6M bumper. Carbon fiber lips and LED lights finish off the front bumper’s new look. The front fenders have been widened by 70mm (2.75 in.) and also receive aggressive vents on top to match the new vents on the lightweight replacement hood, as well as the new vents behind wheel well.

09/11/2010    12:00 PM

Vorsteiner has announced the intro of its X6M Aero Package, the company’s first SUV conversion. Aero parts include the carbon fiber front bumper add-on spoiler lip, power dome sculpted vented carbon composite hood, and new sporty carbon fiber diffuser, and carbon rear deck lid spoiler.

05/18/2010    8:46 AM

German mega-tuner AC Schnitzer does one thing very well, that is leaving no stone unturn when it comes to BMW tuning. They will do their work on every model that BMW churns out, no matter how low volume the car is. In this case, they’ve taken the BMW X6 M and added their unique spin to the equation. Compared to recent modifications available from AC Schnitzer, their program for the X6M is refreshingly more reserved and more tasteful.

03/16/2010    12:00 PM

Vorsteiner is working on some new kit for the BMW X6M, here are some of the initial photos of their project.

03/12/2010    2:30 PM

AC Schnitzer has debuted the ACS X6M at the AutomodEx Tuner Show in Dubai. Currently, they are only showcasing the cosmetic aero kit, but have plans for engine tuning as well. The centerpiece of the aero parts is the hood, which contains a see through window allowing a view of the engine (as seen on other cars such as Corvette ZR1, Ferraris, and Lamborghinis). Other parts include full bumper and fender replacements, sideskirts, 22″ wheels, rear diffuser, and rear wing.

03/06/2010    5:50 PM

The X6M seems to be the current vehicle of tuning choice for several notable tuners. At the 2010 Geneva show, Lumma has debuted their CLR X 650 M, a visually and mechanically upgraded version of the X6M. The cosmetic upgrades are obvious, but underneath the hood, the power has been bumped to 650ps.